Raid Sabbah

Nationality: German

Expertise: Interpretive Planning, Content Development, Project Management

Languages: German, Arabic, English, French

Born in 1973, he is a co-founder of curiocation. He studied comparative literature and philosophy as well as scripwriting. Besides his work as a writer, he worked on various exhibiton projects for many exhibition design companies – always immersing him deep into interpretive planning, content development, and project management. He has held a lectureship for dramatic composition and creative writing and works as a freelancing interpretation designer and exhibition consultant since 2005.

Thomas Hofer

Nationality: Swiss

Expertise: Exhibition Interactivity, Exhibition Didactics, Project Management

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish

Born in 1974, he is a co-founder of curiocation. He holds a Master in Geography and Social Psychology and has an education in Secondary School Teaching. He digged deep into exhibition making, hands-on didactics, live communication and project management in his years at the acclaimed Swiss Science Center Technorama in Winterthur. Since 2012 he works as freelancing exhibition consultant.


Wiesenbachstrasse 10A, Wiesendangen, Schweiz

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