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Media Environments Consulting

Meaningful Use of Media

It has been common in exhibitions to use modern media like touchscreens and videos in exhibition spaces. But even though we're experts in media conception we generally recommend our clients to think wisely about general media usage. Because media lack haptic, tactile experience, full body sensation and a certain degree of immediacy. Furthermore media content is aging at a much faster pace than other tactile exhibits do.

 Nonetheless there are cases in which media content and applications are absolutely essential – especially when topics go beyond the dimensions of our everyday senses. In these cases, media should be as unique as it can be, to embed it in a way your visitor wouldn't be able to experience it at home.

We provide you with great expertise on when, how and in which way you make the best impact for your visitor.

Earth Simulator "Orbitarium" in
Swiss Science Center Technorama,
​Winterthur, Switzerland

"More media maken't more mature!"

(Winfried Schulz)