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Our Approach

Tell me and I will forget,
show me and I may remember,
involve me and I will understand.


Experience & Cognition

Today’s world is changing rapidly: the immediacy of information has reached such a speed that those can only respond it whose logistical capacity matches that of the producers of the information. But that’s not the only reason why we think that it is not the primary task of exhibitions to merely provide information and knowledge these days. As learning in an exhibition setting is an open process of self-directed exploration, meaning-making, and personal discovery, contemporary exhibitions are not designed to convey a specific message; they are rather designed to offer the opportunity of increasing the experiential quality. Thus, the meaningful design of experiential worlds, which are based on the social reality of the visitor’s private life, has crucial significance. Only the possibility of experience leads to a gain of cognition. And this is at the heart of curiocations approach – the visitors’ gain of cognition by creating spaces for their own experiences based on their everyday lives.