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Some of Our References

Main Pavilion "Future Energy", EXPO 2017, Kazakhstan

Sembol Construction, Turkey
Tasks: Main Conceptioners: Content Development, interpretative planning, project management

Thematic Pavilion "Energy Best Practice Area", EXPO 2017, Kazakhstan

Avantgarde Gesellschaft für Kommunikation, Germany
Tasks: Main Conceptioners: Content Development, interpretative planning, project management

New Permanent Exhibition, Museum for Communication, Bern, Switzerland

Tasks: Interactivity & didactics consulting

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Mecca , Saudi Arabia

Thomas Hofer, Raid Sabbah for

SL-Rasch Institute for Scientific Architecture (D)

Tasks: Interactivity & didactics consulting, interpretive planning, content development, text, data handling, media environments

40th anniversary Daimler AG - Kuwait investment Authority, Stuttgart, Germany

Raid Sabbah for

xailabs (D), mila & partner (D)

Tasks: Research, content development, text

Orbitarium in the Swiss Science Center Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland

Thomas Hofer for

The Swiss Science Center Technorama (CH)

Tasks: Idea, conception, Realisation, Animations

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Raid Sabbah for

jangled nerves GmbH (D), event communications (UK)

Tasks: Exhibition interactivity & didactics, content development, text

Virtual Terrain Flight Matterhorn for Zermatt Tourism, Zermatt, Switzerland

Thomas Hofer for

Zermatt Tourismus AG (CH)

Tasks: Idea, data handling, 3D animation

The Rwanda Museum, Kigali, Rwanda

Raid Sabbah for

jangled nerves (D), spatial solutions (D)

Tasks: Exhibition interactivity and didactics, interpretive planning, research, content development

International Air Traffic for Globoccess, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Hofer for

Globoccess (D)

Tasks: Idea, integration of data

Dornier Museum, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Raid Sabbah for

jangled nerves (D), Atelier Brueckner (D)

Tasks: Research, Interviews with subject experts, text and video scripts

A Year of Global Weather at Accelerated Pace for MeteoGroup, Berlin, Germany

Thomas Hofer for

MeteoGroup Deutschland (D)

Tasks: Idea, integration of data, programming

Money Museum for the German Federal Bank, Frankfurt, Germany

Raid Sabbah for

Atelier Brueckner (D)

Tasks: Content development, exhibition didactics, text

Voestalpine Steel World for Voestalpine AG, Linz, Austria

Raid Sabbah for

jangled nerves (D), KMS Team (D)

Tasks: Research, interpretive planning, content development, text